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Svenska Your tool for golf round analysis & statistics

MyGolfAid is available in a Free version (having limited functionality), and a Pro version (having full functionality).Both versions require download of the free version. Purchase of a License key (and subsequent registration) upgrades the Free version to the Pro version.

For purchase of License key we cooperate with Esar Bolo Web Shop - www.esarbolo.se, and for download we also cooperate with www.download.com. A purchased License key will be sent instantaneously by mail to the e-mail address specified.


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Pro version - requires download of Free version and purchase of license key. License key upgrades Free version to Pro version.

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IMPORTANT    Requirements:

Platform is Windows (Vista, XP, NT, 2000, or 98).

In order to be able to install and use MyGolfAid you will need Java 5 or later, i. e. JRE1.5 (runtime environment) or  JDK5 (development kit) or later installed on your PC..

Java is available for free download with Sun Microsystems (www.sun.com), in different versions. A suitable version is Java SE 5. Select either JRE 5.x Update x (or the corresponding JDK version).


MyGolfAid is a tool for improving your golf game, based on historical golf performance from input of golf round score cards golf..

MyGolfAid can be used by all golfers in your household.

It is simple to use, and features an essentially self-explanatory graphical user interface.

MyGolfAid provides output on the same level of detail as data are input. Minimum level of input detail is total score per hole.

In addition, any subset of a large number of parameters may be specified, such as:

  • green putts per hole,
  • bunker strokes,
  • hazard strokes, and
  • penalty strokes,
  • GIR (Greens in Regulation),
  • FH (Fairway Hit),
  • as well as additional parameters

In addition, qualitative parameters may be used, such as the number of Good, Acceptible or Bad shots per hole.

Output includes statistical measures, such as averages, partial HCP contributions, graphics, trend lines, and qualitative statements.

In particular, distinction is made between green putts and all other shots.

Any 18 hole golf course and tee combination can be stored.

HCP data versus time may be entered as well for each user.

The Free version does not include all the above functionality. The Pro version includes full functionality.


FAQ - MyGolfAid Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly report any error found in MyGolfAid to info(at)runobarrdahlkonsult.se.

We are thankful for suggested improvement to MyGolfAid to info(at)runobarrdahlkonsult.se.


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