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MyGolfAid FAQ

This is a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions regarding MyGolfAid


1. I recently purchased the full version of "MyGolfAid" , but my scores are still very bad. How is that ?

Well, MyGolfAid will not affect your technical capabilities of golf in any way. You record your golf rounds in MyGolfAid. Then, MyGolfAid will provide you with detailed information about your historical golf score performance, as viewed from a statistical point of view. For instance, you will be able to see in which parts of your golf game you have (on an "average") the largest HCP contributions, which is important information if you want to improve your score. For example, it may provide you with an answer to the question whether it is the long or the short game, the par 5's, the bunker shots, or all the out-of-bounds shots that is the major cause of bad scores. Then, with this analysis at hand, it is up to you yourself in the driving seat, or in cooperation with your golf instructor, to improve your technique in those very parts of the game. When you have improved your golf scores, this will be clearly reflected in MyGolfAid.


2. I need Java 1.5, how can I find it ?

In your web browser, navigate to www.sun.com, and  look there for "Downloads" and "Download J2SE" or "Download Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0", or higher. J2SE is the abbreviation for Java 2 Standard Edition. If you find a link like where you can download "JRE 5.0 Update X", "JDK 5.0 Update X", "J2SE 5.0", "JDK1.5.0", or similar, then you are on the right path. JRE stands for Java runtime, and is the minimum you need to download. JDK stands for Java Development Kit, and contains a development environment for the Java language, which might be more than you really need. Then, just follow this link until you are able to download Java 2, version 5 or higher. After download, install it on your PC. Then, you will be able to install and use MyGolfAid. Additional information about this is available here.


3. I have installed MyGolfAid in the directory "c:\Program Files\MyGolfAid" (i. e. a directory containing space)

When I try to run MyGolfAid it does not start and I get a message like "Cannot find main method in class". In order to make MyGolfAid function properly, either a) uninstall and reinstall in a directory NOT containing any spaces, such as "c:\MyGolfAid", or b) insert into the start script "MyGolfAid.bat" (located in your installation directory) " ( = double quote character) at the start and end of the argument following "-cp", like the following: @javaw -cp "c:\<My installation directory>\mygolfaid.jar;C:\<My installation directory>\hsqldb.jar;c:\jdk1.5.0\src.jar" frames.MyGolfAid


4. "Java Virtual Machine Launcher" panel displays a message like "Could not find the main class. Program will exit"

This will happen when there is a space somewhere in the classpath variable in the start script. It may happen if your Java JRE is located in a subdirectory of "C:\Program Files". Then do as follows: insert into the start script, i. e. "MyGolfAid.bat" (located in your installation directory) the character " (double quote) at the start and end of the argument following "-cp", like the following: @javaw -cp "c:\<MyInstalDir>\mygolfaid.jar;C:\<MyInstalDir>\hsqldb.jar;c:\Program Files\...rt.jar" frames.MyGolfAid.


5. "Where can I buy a license key for MyGolfAid ?"

You may purchase a license key for MyGolfAid at Esar Bolo Web Shop - www.esarbolo.se, price = 100 SEK (around 10 EUR).





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